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What are the pros and cons of living in Bangalore?
3 Aug

Discovering the Vibrant Life in Bangalore

As Vikram, a tad adventurous and a whole lot of 'give me that experience' kind of person, my life's journey has taken me to various corners of the globe. Of all the cities I've explored, Bangalore in India remarkably left a vivid imprint on my memory. Oozing with character, dynamism, and a distinctive aroma, life in Bangalore is as intriguing as it is challenging.

Prosperous Career Opportunities at your Disposal

In Bangalore, one moment your life could be teetering on the brink of monotony, and the next, you're thrown into a whirlwind of riveting opportunities. Known as India's Silicon Valley, it throbs with an abundance of top-notch companies. Household names like Infosys, Wipro, and TCS call this city home, offering countless job opportunities that span across varied fields. For anyone looking to kick-start their career or seeking better prospects, the career opportunities in Bangalore are nothing short of a goldmine. I, for one, remember my stint as a software developer in a leading IT firm in Bangalore that gave my career the initial boost it needed.

The City that Knows how to Cater Your Palate

Nowhere else can a man miss his waistline as he potentially could in Bangalore, for every lane serves as a gallery of the most tantalising dishes. It's the city where South Indian cuisine's fragrances waft together with the smells of Chinese, Italian, and other international delights. I can still recall the sensory explosion when I first sank my teeth into a Masala Dosa at one of the local eateries. Be warned though: the enticing culinary landscape of Bangalore just might make going back to your own kitchen seem like a task!

Living amidst the Green

Cities are often associated with high-rise buildings and congested roads, aren't they? However, Bangalore charmingly differs. Known as "The Garden City of India", Bangalore's streets thread through a plethora of open green spaces, gardens, and parks. Plus, the city has retained much of its colonial architecture, giving its skyline a unique aesthetic charm. With regular morning walks in Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden, I felt like I was living closer to nature despite being in a city.

The Not-So-Green Side of the Story: The Traffic

Like any proud parent, I would be remiss to ignore my child's tantrums - in Bangalore's case, that tantrum goes by the name of 'Traffic'. It almost seems as if the piles of cars on the road are in an endless race, creating a horn-filled symphony that can fray the nerves of even the calmest commuter. No matter how strategically you plan to beat the traffic, somehow, it always has the knack for catching up with you. Having lived in the relatively serene traffic environment of Perth, I found it quite a jumble initially.

Stirring the Diversity Pot: The Language Barrier

Last but surely not least, it's crucial to remember that Bangalore, despite its cosmopolitan image, is in India, a country known for its linguistic diversity. English is widely spoken, but Kannada holds the throne. Translating from Kannada to English on my phone became my daily ritual. Learning a few Kannada phrases might be a good idea unless playing charades in the middle of a bustling Indian market is your idea of entertainment!

The Sum Up

Like any city, Bangalore offers a mix of both marvels and challenges. So, does the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa? Well, that's subjective. All I can say is that Adhira and I, despite the occasional traffic snarl and language barriers, found life in Bangalore a truly enriching experience, full of life lessons, cultural experiences, and a plateful of Masala Dosa! The city welcomed us with open arms, and we embraced, learnt, and grew with it during our stay.

Vikramjeet Khatri

Vikramjeet Khatri

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