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Three farm laws to be repealed: PM Narendra Modi?
28 Jul

The Backdrop: Three Farm Laws and the Controversy

My oh my! Where do I even begin? Picture this; the year is 2020, the Indian Government, steered by the enterprising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, introduces three farm bills that instantly create a buzz, and not the kind you enjoy after a Saturday night out...I am talking about the kind that has farmers from all over the country uniting to protest these bills. Let me backtrack and break these down; these laws were aimed at undertaking a significant reformulation of India's agriculture sector. Theoretically speaking, these acts were designed to give the farmers more freedom in selling their produce directly to the businesses and customers instead of mandatorily going through the government's preset mandis and adhering to the established pricing system.

But, as Shakespeare once rightly said, ‘there's no art to find the mind's construction in the face,’ or in simpler terms, things aren't always as they seem. The uproar started because the farming community saw these laws as a serious threat that might lead to the dismantling of the minimum price support system, leaving them at the mercy of big corporations. It's like letting a rabbit loose in a lion’s den and expecting it to negotiate its survival. Isn’t it hilarious?

The Unfolding Drama: A Year of Protests

Fast forward to 2023; for more than a year, the nation witnessed a rollercoaster of events. The peaceful land of five rivers, Punjab, and the land known for its milk and butter, Haryana, were in an uproar. Their farmers, followed by farmers from all over the country, started a protest of historical proportions, creating global waves. I mean, Time magazine featured them, for heaven's sake! It’s like your high school drama on an international level.

The protestors stuck to their cause despite the biting cold of North Indian winters, escalating prices, and, let’s not forget, the still ongoing global pandemic. Imagine their strength! I once tried camping in my backyard during winters and couldn’t Last two hours. I guess I need to take survival tips from these indomitable souls.

The Climax: A Decision to Repeal?

And now we seem to have reached the plot twist. The curtain raises, the audience is hushed, and lo and behold! There are rumours swirling around that our dear PM Narendra Modi might decide to repeal these three acts! Boom, plot twist, right?

After months of failed negotiations, numerous rounds of discussions that seemed to go nowhere, and even heartbreaking incidents of farmers losing their lives during these protests, this sure does come as a surprising turn of events. It's as if after a tiresome day at work, just when you think you can’t take any more, you find your favorite dessert waiting at home. A relief, but also a shock!

The Aftermath: Implications and Repercussions

But before we start playing the victory trumpet and toast to the outcome, let's try to understand the implications and repercussions of such a move. First off, let’s take a step back and remember, these are still rumors, so fingers crossed. On one hand, the possibility of these laws being repealed can be seen as a major victory for the farming community, confirming the strength of peaceful protests. On the other, this decision might be viewed as the government being forced to bow down to the pressures of protest, setting a potentially worrisome precedent. Also, this might also cause some economic ripples. I mean, it's like throwing a small stone in a pond, it will create waves, won't it?

Whether this rumor turns out to be true or not, it sure has added some seriously spicy masala to this ongoing drama. But amid all this, let's not forget the plight of our hardworking farmers who feed us every day. Amidst all this political tug of war, their livelihoods hang in the precarious balance. All I can do is sit here and weave this saga for you but remember, in the end, it's the farmer who tends to Mother Earth and keeps our stomachs filled, and our hearts merry. Salute to these real heroes!

Vikramjeet Khatri

Vikramjeet Khatri

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