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The benefits of adopting a spiritual practice

The premise of this article is simple: which is that when you're ready to adopt a spiritual practice, you will find you way to it. Or it will find its way into your life. It could mean chanting, meditating, yoga, reading the all time great books (classics), listening to Beethoven or some inspirational music, jogging, trekking, gardening, creating art or being inspired by it, or any activity you really enjoy that connects you to a higher dimension within yourself. And, preferably, something that you do daily or at least at very regular intervals.

All of the above activities help you draw out the beautiful inner world within yourself. In a society obsessed with money, academics, looks, glamour, status and fame, making a connection with yourself is the most important and urgent need. Otherwise many are likely to get washed away by the superficial trappings of life and end up as shipwrecks. And since your life is profound and precious, being attracted to and seeking a spiritual practice to anchor your life with, is the greatest good fortune a person can possibly have.

Indeed pure and simple spirituality is what many modern women increasingly find themselves attracted to.


Date:  2015-08-31