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Let's go 'eco-friendly' with our gifts packaging!

Let's go 'eco-friendly' with our gifts packaging!


Vilvah store has taken the initiative to promote "No secondary packaging" policy in beauty industry.

Recently we have come across the terms like; AQI, particulate matter, suspended particles etc. What are these? well these are nothing but the terms related to pollution, particularly air pollution. If you are in Delhi you must have felt the impact. Delhi was the worst affected state in the entire nation and had the worst air quality about a month ago. The reasons- stubble burning, high traffic, industries etc. Among all the aforementioned reasons 'untreated plastic wastes' also play a crucial role in polluting the environment. To address this problem 'Vilvah stores' have come up with an ingenious idea that is-"No secondary packaging".It is estimated that only the "beauty industry" in itself produces a large chunk of plastic wastes every year and since plastics being non-biodegradable in nature leads to pollution if left untreated. Although we can't imagine gifts without glittering wrappers and colourful cards, enhancing the beauty of the packaging. We should also remember that it is hampering the beauty of our planet. Hence Vilvah store has introduced simple and sober 'Aluminium containers' which are being used as packaging for its products. Since aluminium is an 'environment friendly' metal so it doesn't harm our nature in any way.

According to Kruthika Kumaran, founder, Vilvah store; "We at Vilvah are highly promoting the idea of 'no secondary packaging' and 'no gifting boxes policy'".She further continues.."The beauty industry alone generates billions of waste each year and the secondary packaging contributes to this waste in large proportion. Secondary packages have a life span of mere 12 minutes-the time taken after the gift reaches your home and the outer packaging is being dumped into the dustbin".So Kruthika thinks it is a grave concern for our planet and the environment, as the global market of beauty industry is colossal and it needs immediate and responsible action. She ends the conversation by saying- "We seek to bring a substantial change in beauty industry. Why? Because beauty is more than skin deep. Our goal is to deliver world-class products to Indian consumers".

About Vilvah store- Vilvah Store is a sustainable skincare brand, which makes skincare and haircare goodies with safe and effective high-performance formulation. They bring to you the right mix of agricultural produce, carrier oils, butter and essential oils to nourish your skin by embracing their simple yet effective properties. The ingredients are obtained in their purest form, without any harsh chemicals, additives, synthetic oils or perfumes and this is the very basis of our work at Vilvah Store. Vilvah's painstaking efforts to source the finest raw materials reflects in their products.


Source : Press Release


Date:  2021-11-28