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Fraudsters go door to door in the name of Big Bazaar



Below is a very common conversation which actually happened between my mom and a salesman few months back. It’s a very common sight especially during noon when these salesmen go door to door to sell their product. With so many fraudsters in the market, it is next to impossible to trust these people.

Door Bell rings.....

Mom- yes who is it?

Salesman: Madam Can you please open the door?

Mom:  What is it for?

Salesman: Mam, I have come from Big Bazaar- we are issuing discount cards to senior citizen members. Is there any senior citizen member in your family?

Mom: Yes. What is the card about and what benefits will I get?

Salesman: See Mam as you know Big Bazaar is having this ‘Maha sasta’ offer from 23th-27th January. With this card you can avail 5% special discount over the existing offer. Then every Sunday, we will get our vehicle down to your building and will provide you with fresh vegetables. All you have to do this get down to your building and chose the fresh vegetables. We will then swipe the amount from the card and you will also be rewarded with some bonus points.

Mom: So what are the documents required for issuing this card?

Salesman: Mam as I have mentioned, this card is free of cost. All we need is a xerox copy of the senior citizen's pan card. There is another good news, a free gift for you only for today.

My ears got alert at the mention of the word FREE...I shouted from the other room.." Maa please ask him what is the free gift"

Salesman: Only for today, along with this free card. Big Bazaar is offering a 75% discount on this micro-oven. The refrigerator was also on offer, but it is out of stock now.

Mom: No thank you...I have enough electronic products and we don't require any

Salesman: Mam, imagine it’s a 75% offer, which you won't get anywhere. He then sees a glimpse of me. Mam you can also gift it to didi for her wedding.

Mom: No we don't need this product. But come after 5 minutes, I will get the xerox copy of the pan-card and other things for the issuance of the card.

Salesman: Sure Mam. I will come in 5 minutes.

The salesman never turned up after that. Next day morning I decided to call Big Bazaar and know if they are actually having such special offers for the senior members.

Me: Are you having any special offers for the senior citizen members by issuing them some Big Bazaar cards and door-step shopping facility?

Big Bazaar employee:  No Mam, Big Bazaar is not running such offers, and it is anyways our ‘maha sasta’ offer going on and we don't offer door to door sale of our products. These are a bunch of fraudsters in the market cheating people in the name of our company. Mam, you tell me something, 75% discount on micro-oven is it even possible? By giving this attractive offer, they will lure those customers who are planning to change their micro oven (As the offer sounds great-Imagine you will get an Rs 5,000 oven for Rs 1,250). We have already informed our local police about this fraud in the market.                                                           

It’s my humble request to all the readers to please spread awareness among your neighbourhood and friends that actually no such offer is going on in the market. If you come across such offers- please don’t fall for the trap and take them to the local police station if necessary.

Date:  2016-09-14