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The average woman criticizes herself at least eight times a day, a study has found. The research of 2,000 women discovered a worrying line of inner negativity with multiple criticisms per day — one in seven women said they criticize themselves regularly throughout their entire day. Wanting to lose weight and other image-based criticisms were most prevalent, while not earning enough money and deliberately deflecting compliments were other common put-downs. The study was conducted with eight leading experts to explore the result of today's new pressures for modern women on the relationship they have with themselves — 89% of women compliment others in ways they would never compliment themselves. Research shows women criticize themselves in a way they never would other women. Researchers believe image-based criticisms were most prevalent as a result of Instagram and other social platforms being the force behind today's visually-driven culture. This was followed by general lifestyle judgement such as not earning enough money or having the 'right' job, described in the study as a result of today's 'Hall of Mirrors Era', in which women are pressured by multiple options while being bombarded with images of perfection and achievement everywhere they look.

The findings also showed that women begin berating themselves almost straightaway each day, with almost half of those surveyed (46%) admitting to criticizing themselves at least once before 9:30 am. This tendency for women to avoid giving any sort of complement to themselves was described by the study's cultural experts as a form of self-diminishment. Evidence has shown that women in particular today use language to minimize themselves and their ideas and apologize more frequently for their actions. Bursts of negative thoughts towards themselves are also far more frequent in front of the mirror or when out shopping for clothes than in any other area of life. A worrying 60 per cent of women admitted to having days where they felt they criticized themselves constantly throughout the day.

This research has been conducted as part of a campaign that explores why modern women are unkind to themselves and how they can counter this cultural habit, making healthier choices and building better relationships with themselves.

- I am too fat/overweight
- My hair is a mess
- My belly looks big
- I don't exercise enough
- Feeling scruffy next to other women
- Not earning enough money
- Talking often about having a 'fat day'
- Not wearing certain items of clothing because I can't pull it off
- I wish I was as photogenic as other women on social media
- Deflecting compliments by saying something negative about self
- Worrying about people talking behind my back
- Feeling under dressed
- I'm not stylish enough
- I don't have enough sex with my partner
- I am not as creative as other women
- My bum looks big
- I am not as as organised as other women
- I don't spend as much time with my friends as I should
- I am not wearing enough make-up
- I am not as attractive to my partner

Date:  2016-02-11